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        During The Natural High Schools Presentation students are given a sources of help and advice card.
                         We have been very fortunate to have these cards sponsored by Local and National businesses.

                    The Coventry Building Society have funded tours throughout Coventry, as well as tours in Nuneaton & Bedworth, Leicestershire,
                  Nottingham, Sheffield, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Stourbridge and Tamworth. Support cames directly from their
                               former Chief Executive Martin Ritchley and now from their new Chief Exec David Stewart.

COVENTRY BUILDING SOCIETY                                                                   

                                       Tours throughout Scotland include two weeks in Fife every year for the last 4 years.
                                   David has now visited every High School in Fife seeing around 5000 students every year.
                                       As well as promoting sources of help and advice in the area David also promotes the
                                  Fife Constabulary Drugs Hotline. This is to encourage young people to take a stand against
                                    crime happening in their own area by passing across information about drugs and crime
                                                                           to members of Fife police confidentially.

                                                                 FIFE CONSTABULARY

                                                Reigate and Banstead is another area that David has been performing in for years.
                                           Following the tours in this area the shows culminate with a Natural High Dance Night for
                                        young clubbers aged 9-13 which is held at the Harlequin Theatre a few weeks after the tour.

                                                                              SURREY POLICE

                                         Promoting Sources of Help and Advice

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                                                    The Natural High Schools Programme has a proud association with
                                                FRANK - 0800 77 66 00 (formerly known as the National Drugs Helpline)
                                                                       Know The Score - 0800 587 587 9
                                                                                 ChildLine - 0800 1111
                                                                               Quitline - 0800 00 22 00
                                                                              Drinkline - 0800 917 8282

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