School Children in the area will experience a “Natural High” when they are entertained by pop singer David Graham. Talented vocalist, songwriter and presenter David has performed in over 3500 schools throughout the UK, promoting his Natural High Schools Programme supported by many County/City Councils, Police Forces, Drug Action Teams and Community Safety Partnerships. This message has been put to over 1.5 million students on a national level and visits the area again to see around 3000 local pupils.



Carlisle born David has enjoyed success working with many of today’s major chart acts, including Ronan Keating, Take That & Cheryl Cole. David himself appeared on ITV’s POP IDOL 1 who profiled David’s amazing work in the schools on prime time National Television and he has also appeared on television programme This Morning, who commented on his professionalism. David was also featured on the British Academy of Songwriters and Composers Publishing CD.



The 75 minute show is based around David’s self penned song 'Natural High’ and is about making the most of your life, using your talents to get a high instead of the fake high from drugs. The song has become so popular that it was remixed by The Brescia Brothers for Sound Syndicate Productions who have worked with the likes of Robbie Williams and Toni Braxton.



David’s aims in the presentation are to raise awareness of drug issues and promote sources of advice in the hope that young people will make the correct choice, “to be positive reject drugs and crime, get a Natural High from using their individual talents”. Students also learn about places to get information or support, should they have any problems or need someone to talk to. David has captivated pupils on stage by performing a range of songs, as he is keen to use his talents to give his audiences a serious message – “you don’t need drugs to get high”. The presentation, which includes music, competitions and a positive healthy lifestyles message has helped win awards such as a Silver Sony Award in conjunction with an ILR in Guildford and helped the a charity crime stopping charity win the best Community Crime Prevention Programme for one of their campaigns.


“Drugs are one issue raised in the show, but it is all about building young peoples confidence in themselves and working on citizenship. As a role model, I get the students to focus on the positive, their Natural Talents will give them a high that no chemical can ever do, people have a wide variety of talent’s and it’s important for them to realise this from a young age, develop their talents, remember this message for the future and get their ‘high’ naturally. It’s NOT cool to take drugs and it’s important for young people to be aware of the associated dangers and of the healthy alternatives. When I was younger I wish I had been educated more on what drugs looked like and how they affect the people who take them. I knew that people around me were involved in that sort of thing, for me drugs were an avenue in life I didn’t want to take”.



For further information on David visit him on the web at

For further information on David visit him on the web at

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