·        To establish a relationship with young people as a positive role model in the music industry.

·        To help young people build their confidence and self-esteem when faced with difficult choices.

·        To raise awareness of the dangers that surround illegal drugs crime & anti-social behaviour in a memorable, enjoyable interactive and informative way.

·        To inspire all individuals to use their talents to the best of their ability to get a Natural High rather than the destructive highs from anti-social behaviour.

·        To encourage young people to look at life in a positive way and think about their own choices carefully.

·        To encourage young people to set and achieve life goals with perseverance and hard work.

·        To be a good citizen and care about their friends, family, school and local community.

·        To support PHSE & Citizenship requirements within the curriculum.

·        To encourage thought about the consequences of anti-social behaviour.

·        To educate for life and promote sources of help and advice. (Leaving information with pupils & teachers for referral and follow up during lesson time)

·        Working to support the National Healthy Schools Status, Health Education, Police, Local Council/Government, Crime Prevention Panels, Community Safety Partnerships, DAT, Local Agencies, Local Businesses, Charities & Media to promote Healthy Lifestyles Choices.


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