“Action packed, informative, got the youngsters attention, straight info given in a fun but no nonsense way, hit the right note with students, very positive, quite often children listens to others outside school.”
Banff Academy

“Excellent presentation with a clear message, very enjoyable fresh way of putting across an anti- drugs message, really good fun.”
Banff Academy

“Not sure what to expect, but was very pleasantly surprised, what better way to learn – fun! David’s enthusiasm & rapport with his audience – 1st Class – teachers & student participation 100%.”
Banff Academy

“Highly organised – pre info was excellent – easy to follow – no stone unturned! Absolutely brilliant –
content delivery and messages, pupils retained concentration and really enjoyed the show.
Complemented everything we do in PHSE, just right for the age group, very well and enthusiastically received by staff and the students loved it!” Fraserburgh Academy

“Very effective – kept pupil’s attention throughout.” Fraserburgh Academy

“Excellent organisation, punctuality, duration & professionalism, good communication prior to event too. Even better than expected, hugely enjoyable, professional and a message too, anti-drugs message and positive thinking = huge part of PSE, pupil’s response confirmed this. Good to have a presenter external to school – more street cred than teachers. We thought it was excellent, appreciated the interactive nature of the show and seeing the pupils response, David commanded the pupil’s attention 100% of the time, what energy and enthusiasm, would definitely recommend and want him to return.”  Peterhead Academy

“Like the short competitions, David really knows how to keep the kids involved – not one boring moment. Very interactive, great fun, even the message was interactive, good messages on other issues like bullying & litter which are being addressed at present. Very suitable for target audience, David knows how to speak to kids of this age group; can get them high but can also bring them down! The students listened attentively; suspect they will be talking of this for some time, would unreservedly recommend and would like him to return.”
Peterhead Academy

“Best presentation I have ever been at in school.”  Peterhead Academy

“Excellent, of a very high standard of delivery, kept pupils attention & interest, related well to them, they were enthusiastic and involved.”
Mintlaw Academy

“Wasn’t sure what to expect, but was an excellent afternoon, message was very clear, kids listened and were
interested, teachers thought it was lively, interesting and very professional.”  Mintlaw Academy

“Very clear and great rapport with the pupils, perfect, I had no idea about Natural High, therefore the concert was a very pleasant surprise.
I was very impressed and I had a great start to the day. The presentation was very relevant, with a very clear message and effective,
I could see this from the pupil’s reactions from where I was sitting. Great fun, Natural High – Great song – superb!
The pupils were genuinely having a fantastic time, they were having a ball, I haven’t seen them so animated. I would really love for my own son, now in primary, to see this when he comes to the academy.” Turriff Academy

“Was more “poppy” than expected, definitely kept the pupils attention, unlike many other similar shows!!
Will probably be the highlight to our PHSE & Citizenship Programme, was impressed by the way David lead the pupils and held their attention – good repetition of the message – the students loved every minute of it.” Ullapool Primary School

“I am never sure about younger kids as they are at different stages of awareness, understanding & experience of the world of drugs, but I think this show addressed the message clearly and simply in a fun way that got through to the kids well. Pupils seemed to feel involved from the beginning and David managed to get them to focus well on the messages. Thank You.” Ullapool High School

 “Teachers & students thought it was excellent, David kept the audience going.” Tain Royal Academy

“Really good way of getting message across, pupil participation was excellent, very interesting for this age
group of children, they were all very co-operative. Teachers thought it was very good because
David is young & trendy and really knows what he is talking about – the students thought it was great!”
Turriff Academy

“Having seen the show before, I expected it to be well received by our pupils, several departments in school touch on these topics but a performance like this puts a different perspective on the issues. The pitch was just right and the teachers were suitably impressed with the techniques David used to hold his audience, students thought it was cool & great!” Turriff Academy

“The Natural High Programme was better than I expected it would be, complementing PHSE & Citizenship very much, from my subjects (Modern Studies) it hits various areas of the curriculum, citizenship, you & the law, pressure group activities – all covered in S1/2 at the moment studying pressure groups. Teachers & students thought it was excellent, fun exciting & interesting.” Turriff Academy

It was better than I could have imagined, very strong positive message, excellent, pupils were involved throughout.”
Mackie Academy

“The whole presentation was excellent, David absolutely brilliant with children, beyond our expectations. I really didn’t
know what the presentation would be like but was impressed by the professionalism of the performance. David portrayed the
messages in an interesting informative and enjoyable way. Children loved it & participated in the activities.
Follow up work will be undertaken & I’m sure children will have much to offer following the excellent performance.
I’m sure they will have remembered so much from the presentation. Perfect for age group, they loved it and teacher thought it was super.”
Dyce Academy

 “A very similar message from David to the ones given during PSE and school assembles especially in the areas of
anti-bullying and drugs education. A very good enjoyable performance which seemed to get important messages across.
The students loved it – even the more reserved ones got involved!”
Dyce Academy


“Excellent audience participation, perfect timing/duration, well pitched. Pupils were very attentive – excellent presentation,
superb method for putting across a serious message. Related to topics in PHSE school grid, very relevant
information which can be built upon in class. Pitched at perfect level for age group.”
Middlefield Primary School

“Much better than expected, the teachers thought it was very professional, message delivered in a fun way, relevant to students age, engaged the children’s attention all the time. The children really enjoyed this experience, getting involved and feeling good.” Middlefield Primary School

“Observed audience and pitched performance at the right level, active participation by audience aids retention of the facts. All staff thought the presentation was excellent, good mix of music and activities. Brill! was the word used by the students, very enthusiastic, can we keep him?”  Hazelwood School

“Entertaining and informative, students seemed engaged and active.” Smithfield Primary

“Appropriate for the age group with regard to drugs, the children enjoyed the presentation and David had an excellent mix of activities.” Hazelwood Special School

“The best presentation I have seen! Children really enjoyed it & clearly took on board David’s message. Great response from pupils and staff, we need more people like David to really reach our pupils. Teachers thought it was an absolutely superb performance – David related so well to the pupils. Students thought it was fantastic & cool.” Hanover Street Primary School

“Just brilliant – excellent - related well to audience. A+ from the teachers & A++ from the students! " Hanover Street Primary School

“Very informative, a good starting point for taking about drug facts. Children really enjoyed the concert.
Up to date, funny & captured their attention.” Kirkhill Primary School

“Excellent they obviously enjoyed themselves & listened.” Portlethen Academy

“Much better than I expected – excited the pupils but maintained control and calmed them at the end. In first year drugs message is quite general and we encourage them to become involved in as many extra curricular activities. This had carefully targeted, audience participation, even those teachers who were sceptical or nervous before hand became involved and the students seemed to love it!” Inverurie Academy

“Very professional, lively, inspirational, audience participation, positive healthy lifestyles main theme – excellent.” Inverurie Academy


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