Good pace – lively – lots of pupil participation. Excellent presentation for this audience, points clear and focused. Teachers were impressed by pupils’ interest, and the students were enthusiastic and enjoyed the presentation.
Kirkland High School - Methill

 Pupils were motivated and encouraged to participate. Excellent, complimented our Healthy Promoting Schools initiative. Teachers found the presentation entertaining and there was a positive response from all pupils. Kirkland High School - Methill 

Excellent in all respects, the health and citizenship issues addressed complemented our PHSE and Citizenship needs. Very good presentation, students seemed fully engaged. Head of PHSE – Inverkeithing High School

Highlighted drugs/other addictions in a thought provoking way, excellent. Inverkeithing High School

Teachers found the presentation interesting, informative and the student found it fun, lively and all concerned found it a different way to put the message across.
St Columbas High School – Dunfermline

The presentation wasn’t what I expected it was livelier, well presented. Students found it exciting and a chance for them to show off.
St Columbas High School – Dunfermline

  Right length of time, variety, competition and music. Students seemed to enjoy the event with plenty of pupil participation. Woodmill High School – Dunfermline

 Excellent start which got the pupils involved straight away. Teachers seemed to be involved, I enjoyed the energy! Students seemed to enjoy all the activities and the competitions. Lochgelly High School

David is very good at engaging the pupils and crowd control, he is clearly passionate about the subject – well done. Better than I expected, covered many aspects without overloading. Students were engaged and clearly enjoyed themselves, even the more stroppy ones. School Nurse – Lochgelly High School

Excellent in all respects, thanks, very enjoyable. Glenwood High School – Glenrothes

Absolutely brilliant, perfect for this age group, lively and held audience. Down to earth, realistic. Good age to target as they are very impressionable, points well delivered. Teachers thought it was excellent, entertaining and very professional, by their reaction students loved it, they were both quite and lively, they took part and were enthusiastic. Glenrothes High School

Correct time span for students attention, down to earth and right on target. Glenrothes High School

 I was not aware of the excellent personality and presentation skills David possesses. Excellent, professional, entertaining, a positive impact. Glenrothes High School

 This presentation complements our PHSE and Citizenship, we have had lots of talks on alcohol, drugs etc. so this is great. Viewforth High School

 Involved the pupils fully, pupils are actually covering drugs at the moment in PHSE so this complements that well, excellent. Madras College – St Andrews

Really got down to the students level, I have heard about this presentation before through word of mouth and previous presentations. Brilliant timing – we have just started this topic in Social Education. You are never to old or young to learn and this show is suitable for the target audience. Great! The students learnt a lot & the teachers thought it was excellent. Madras College – St Andrews

 Good mixture of activities, very good indeed, excellent. Madras College – St Andrews

 Well organised, good introduction to our drugs education programme. The kids loved it and the teachers were very positive. Bellbaxter High School –  Cupar

 Very energetic, informative and fun, thumps up. Auchmuty High School - Glenrothes

 Pupils responded well, better than I expected, pupils were fully involved and enjoyed all aspects of the presentation. Auchmuty High School - Glenrothes

 Excellent in all respects, brilliant, very positive. St Andrews High School – Kirkcaldy

 Excellent – well ordered, has given everyone a ‘Natural High’. Students loved every minute. Beath High School - Cowdenbeath

So much energy, David is an excellent role model. Very enjoyable, a natural high, fun with a good message. Balwerie High School – Kirkcaldy

Fun filled with a serious message constantly being reinforced, better than expectations. In the diary for the next session already, excellent variety, superb. Would recommend this presentation undoubtedly/unreservedly. Depute Rector – Buckhaven High School

Would high recommend again, better than expected. A good balance between needs and entertainment. Fabulous – was tailored to kids and schools needs.
Buckhaven High School

Good length and superb inspiring presentation. Very much to my expectation, produced the high quality we expect from David, this is the 4th time and it gets better each year. The content fits in well with our PHSE and Citizenship which will be continued in the curriculum, pupils will do follow up work in class. Pupils were engaged throughout, well presented, related well to the students kept their interest, varied and professional. Clear message delivered in a suitable manner, imaginative way of including information and reinforced throughout. Waid Academy – Anstruther

The kids were engaged all of the time, the pupils really enjoyed it and took your message well. The response to the slogans saw that they knew what a Natural High was, the teachers all enjoyed it. LSS Auxiliary – Kirkcaldy High School

David did very well to build the momentum and retain their attention, I have seen this before and this time was just a good and well received. This fits in well with our PHSE and citizenship and it was great to see certain kids pick up rubbish. The presentation covered the whole range of interests of the youngsters – academic, sport, music and dance. Kirkcaldy High School


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